We are a team of professionals with a deep knowledge of the world’s best places, the most authentic experiences and the best international partners.

A long-time history of research, passion, dedication and expertise.

Stefano Ripamonti
CEO & Founder

Stefano is a passionate connoisseur of the world.
Creative, down-to-earth and forward-looking, lateral thinking is his strong suit. Curious teenager, he discovered early on that his calling is to never stop searching for beauty in every place he visits, in every culture he meets and in everything he does. Stefano is a citizen of the world: he graduated in Florida, got his PhD in Cuba and studied business in Denmark.
Through his twenty-year experience in the live communication industry, he reached many milestones that shaped him as a well-rounded professional: he succeeded as a Project Manager, then Account Manager and eventually as an entrepreneur. With this background he decided to give life to an entrepreneurial project that suits him perfectly… The Big Picture.

The Big Picture - Stefano Ripamonti

Portrait by Marta Signori

The Big Picture - Chiara Sormani

Portrait by Marta Signori

Chiara Sormani
Director of Operations & Partner

Chiara is curious, meticulous and down-to-earth. She approached the events industry with the idea of becoming a tour leader and travelling the world as much as possible, but she soon realized that contributing to a project since its inception and managing its every aspect is much more fascinating. After a twenty-year career as a Project Manager, she decided to take the next step embracing an entrepreneurial project… The Big Picture.

Graziano Mascheri

Graziano is an optimistic and brave adventurer, a tireless traveler and lover of life in all its nuances. His professional life has been devoted to discipline and determination. As a young man passionate about cooking, he became a cook in a three-Michelin-starred restaurant. After completing his studies, he decided to explore new paths, in order to test his innate talent for PR and organization. Graziano boasts a thirty-plus-year career and a successful entrepreneurial experience. After creating his own brand Experientiae, he decided to take up a new challenge… The Big Picture.

The Big Picture - Graziano Mascheri

Portrait by Marta Signori